New goals

So, this year I took up exercise again, mostly in the shape of running and I lost nearly 10kg in weight. Did I diet? NO, I did not. Did I watch what I ate? – YES, I did. I set out on the journey not knowing whether it would be another failure so I approached it with a healthier mindset than previously. I set myself small goals and I gave myself permission for failure– for I believe that failure is not to be feared but rather to provide the stepping stones for success.

With this different approach, I won the overall challenge and lost the weight. I set small achievable weight loss goals and moved the target each time I reached it. On reflection, I was probably a bit too focused on the scales at the beginning of the year; however, I became less focused on the numbers and more interested in body shape as the weight came off. I would be being untrue to myself (and you) if I said my relationship with the scales was ever a healthy one but certainly, the need for the numbers became less important.

As delighted as I am, now I am in my forties, the weight loss has not been entirely kind to my body. My bottom is a little saggy and my arms wing-like but this is OK – I am learning to love myself on this journey also and I may just have to accept that my skin has lost some of its natural elasticity. I now have a new challenge to achieve, my goals for 2019 are corestrength and a stronger, more defined body. To do this, I need to step out of my comfort zone and back into the gym. This will not be easy for me, as unlike when I was in my twenties, my lack of confidence will limit how well I approach this. I don’t know about you but I find the weights section of the gym quite intimidating and that is coming from someone who worked in a gym!

My running is improving, I have joined a running group with a view to improving my speed ready for my half marathon in March. I really want to get under 2 hours but I am not quite there yet. Depending on the success of this, I will enter a marathon later in the year – that will be a tick on my bucket list! My plan is to take myself out of my comfort zone and raise awareness of men’s mental health issues at the same time as I run the full marathon, I really hope I can achieve this.

Time to lace up my trainers and enjoy some fresh air.

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