Training goals

Here we are, 2019 has arrived and what will it bring? Well, I have continued fitness goals to maintain as I approach my 46th year in this world. Although I have not entered a marathon yet, it is my intention to train for and hopefully enter an Autumn marathon this year – my first ever!

This is some feat, bearing in mind that this time last year, I could not run and keep up with my 71 year old Father – I had to stop and walk rather sooner than I would have liked (less than 0.3miles down the FLAT path!). This was mostly certainly a shake up and despite having really knocked my confidence, it was also just what I needed to think more seriously about my fitness levels.

So far, my longest distance last year was just under 8 miles and I did have to walk as it was a particularly hilly route. Over Christmas I ran 4 times, the longest being 7.5 miles and my word, did I find it tough! The problem I am now facing comes in the form of my Christmas present – a lovely new Polar watch that I can use to monitor my running. I realise now that I have become hung up on numbers and I was actually a bit disappointed. In my long run, I was averaging 6.16 min/km BUT it felt so much faster.

Now having reflected, I am very aware that each run will vary and there are other considerations such as fuelling and hydration levels. Also, maybe this is my longer distance running pace at present (even though I did a 10k in 58 minutes). I guess the main reason I was disappointed is that I want to get 2 hours for the half marathon in March – in previous ‘younger years’ I did 2hrs 06 and I really, really want to beat this time!!! Realistically, I only have 12 weeks so it maybe that in March I will not get 2 hours, and can continue to improve during the year – will I get 2 hours in 2019??? I really do hope so.

So, my plan of attack – this month I have a 9-mile trail race, this will enable me to monitor my progress towards the half marathon in March. I accept the import strategy for training needs to be to get the miles under my belt – and this I will try and focus on. I have thought about following a programme but there are so many to chose from and I really don’t know where to start! With this in mind, I aim to run 4 times each week – this will include 2 runs with a running group, a long distance run and some speed/hill training. In addition I will do strength and flexibility work, this is important to prevent injury and finally, I will cross train using spin classes once or twice a week. All I need to do now is figure out how I will fit it all in! This is going to take some figuring out ….

Dr Tracey

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