I am back (with dogs)

So, I have been a bit quiet lately. It has been a tough few months and I will be honest, I had given up on myself. However, after giving myself a good talking to, I have decided to brush myself off and get back up. It is amazing how one can go from a bubbly bouncing ball of energy to a virtual recluse. What went wrong? An overall decline in mental well being and a physical injury led to a loss of any motivation to perform most daily tasks. Yes, that big black hole that came and gobbled me up ….

I have had a rocky 6 months with my mental health, as I have blogged before, running helps to keep me on a level playing field and an unexpected calf injury took away my support mechanism. Having set myself small targets and managing to succeed in reaching them, I was feeling strong and motivated early this year – until I was preparing for a hilly 10 miler in Looe, Cornwall – when out of the blue, on a long run, my right calf became painful. Weeks of physiotherapy and limping, led to a complete melt down and resulted in a lack of any form of exercise! Yes, this is apparently common with my personality type – all or nothing! I was unable to run the 10 miler I was training for or the half marathon I was signed up for in Bakewell last month.

The good news is that I feel that I am starting to crawl out of the dark hole and although I am not running yet, I plan to take the first step this week. I am feeling very nervous about starting again as I know I will struggle with my fitness levels. It feels completely demoralising at the moment having stopped all forms of exercise with the exception of walking my gorgeous dogs. Let’s talk dogs for a moment ……

I have re-homed a Husky – he is called Ted (Teddy bear), he makes me smile every day and the very reason I actually leave the house – because he MUST be walked. I then within a matter of weeks also re-homed a Jug – Daisy. To say they have turned our lives upside down is an understatement! The positive impact they have had on my life is worth the chewing of furniture by a 10 month old Ted and the separation anxiety of a 2 year old Daisy. They get me out of the house and enjoying the fresh air of the beautiful countryside I have around me. It is amazing how much they have taught me in their short time with us and I look forward to growing in strength with them.

So back to the running, I will attempt to run a few miles this week. I am going to remove all expectations and pressure and just try to enjoy it. Fingers crossed ……… I will update you on my progress very soon and no doubt bore you with more dog stuff.

Thank you for reading my post.

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